Tep Bunboren_TRC

MR. Tep Bunboren

Director of Department @ Telecommunication Regulation


Advantages and Disadvantages of 4G in Cambodia market


Mr. Tep Bunboren manages a Department of Telecommunication Regulation at TRC, which is, inter-alia, involved with telecommunication regulation, licensing, numbering, standard, statistic and ccTLD (Country Code Top-Level Domain) .KH.

As part of the telecommunication resources management, Mr. Tep Bunboren leads a team that manages and coordinates the assignment of national numbering plan as well as telecommunication standards and .kh domain names. Pursuant to the policies outlined by the sector ministry, he concurrently leads his team to formulate and implement the regulation relating to interconnection, infrastructure sharing, and telecommunication service provision. In licensing area, he also manages a team, which is responsible for examining the application and issuing the related telecommunication permits, certificates and licenses.

Prior to this, Mr. Tep Bunboren headed the Broadband office and Licensing office at TRC. During his tenure, his team successfully monitored the level of compliance of the licensees and revokes the licenses of the operators, who did not perform in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations.

In his years in telecommunication, Mr. Tep Bunboren also led functions in the mobile operators as diverse as the Radio Access Network Planning and Implementation Engineer as well as being involved in frequency planning, mobile drive test, 2G 3G and 4G site rollout and swapping project, and access network hardware and software planning and dimensioning. Tep Bunboren is an IT individual by training. His specializations are in wireless communications and telecommunications regulation.


Mobile communication systems revolutionized the way people communicate. In Cambodia, the evolution of mobile phone wireless access technologies has reached its fourth generation (4G) since 2014. Looking past, Cambodia was first connected to internet on May 06, 1997 by Camnet, MPTC. After the introduction of the digital GSM services in 1997, through its evolution path, Cambodia was one of the first countries in the region to introduce the commercial 4G-LTE services. Cambodia has always been on par with other countries in terms of the telecommunication development.

Undoubtedly, mobile broadband via 4G-LTE is the key access communication technology of choice for Cambodians. Being commercially provided by 5 mobile network operators in all 25 cities/provinces, 4G-LTE is an enabler to help contribute to the economic growth. With the latest 4G-LTE features, users in Cambodia can enjoy a faster speed mobile internet and high-quality voice call with an affordable tariff plan.

A part from the gains, 4G-LTE also has some downsides. Higher speed requires higher bandwidth which means less coverage. The high penetration frequency bands that can travel in distance have been locked up in the previous 2G and 3G systems. The 4G-LTE handset limitation should also be carefully considered when planning to rollout 4G-LTE services.