Mr. Patrick Tsie _ qualccomm

DR. Patrick Tsie

Senior Director of Technical Marketing @ Qualcomm Technologies


Powering the IoT Growth by 4G and 5G technologies


Dr. Patrick Tsie serves as senior director, technical marketing of Qualcomm in the Southeast Asia. He is responsible for promoting 3G and beyond wireless technologies, and also leads a team to provide technical engineering advice & consultancy to the operators in the region.

Prior to joining Qualcomm, Patrick worked for Hutchison Telecom (HK) Ltd more than seven years, and was responsible for CDMA & WCDMA network projects.

Patrick received his B.Eng. degree (First Honor) in Computer Systems & Electronics from the King’s College London in 1990 and attained his Ph.D. degree in Mobile Communication from the same University in 1994.


The presentation will share the IoT market potential, and how 4G LTE technology is being evolved in order to support the IoT ecosystem. The future 5G technology with timeline for the support of massive IoT will also be discussed