Manu Rajan

CEO @ Wing (Cambodia) Limited Specialised Bank

Driving Fintech Market Growth in Cambodia


Manu Rajan brings over two decades of hands-on learning across an interestingly diverse blend of Advertising, Analytics, Telecom, and Consumer Finance & Fintech. He has been passionately consolidating all that learning to drive Financial Inclusion in Developing Markets across geographies including Africa, Asia & the Pacific. He has been a techno-marketer over 21 years and had worked with companies in the USA, Asia, Pacific and Africa that blended technology and finance that are relevant to the poor.

Manu is working as the Chief Executive Officer for Wing (Cambodia) Limited Specialised Bank


Wing started in 2009 under the watchful eyes of Cambodia’s regulator as a pilot project in Mobile Financial Services to drive Financial Inclusion in Cambodia. Wing had humble beginnings in 2009 and clocked less than a million transactions in the first year. The learning that to drive Digital Transactions, one needs to instill Trust and Confidence in the minds of the customers drove Wing to introduce the now famous Agent Banking model which drove up the adoption for Digital Transactions in Cambodia.

Over the past decade, Wing grew to become a success story in Payments not only in Cambodia, but also across the world and introduced many industry firsts – the first fintech mobile app, tap & pay solutions, Mastercard for unbanked population, International Money Transfer for the unbanked, Payment Solutions for the Unbanked, Supply Chain Payment Collection for Corporates, Advertising solutions for the MSMEs… Wing has led many innovations in the Mobile Financial Service market.

Today, Wing enables over 130Mn transactions in a year with a total transaction value equaling approximately 90% of the country GDP.
Throughout this presentation, you will learn more about how Wing, as Cambodia’s leading Specialized Bank in Payments, keeps bringing the latest digital tech innovation for Cambodia, opening many possibilities for Cambodian population to better their lives and livelihood.