doan quan hoan

Mr. Doan Quang Hoan

Director general @ The Authority of Radio Frequency Management


The mobile communication infrastructure toward the 4th Industrial Revolution


Director General of the Authority of Radio Frequency Management of Viet Nam

Member of Radio Regulations Board of ITU

Vice Presidents of the Radio and Electronics Association of Viet Nam

Mr. Doan Quang Hoan has worked in the area of spectrum management for more than 20 years and served as the Head of radio frequency management sector since 2006. He has played a key role in the strong development of radiocommunication systems in Viet Nam. With the wide-ranging knowledge and experience on spectrum management, he has the ability to plan the long-term strategy and resolve complex issues in spectrum management and satellite orbit. He has conducted significant projects to regulate and chart the roadmap for future radio frequency management in Viet Nam, such as Radio Law, National Spectrum Allocations, National digital TV switchover plan and spectrum plans for mobile broadband.

He has also actively participated in international activities in the role of alternate head of Vietnamese delegation for WRC and member of ITU Radio Regulations Board. His deep expertise and active contribution has been acknowledged by the international community of radiocommunication professionals including ITU, APT, and ASEAN.