Mr. Le Thanh Tam



Welcome Remark and  Event Introduction


Since October 2015, Tam Le is currently responsible for the Group Chairman of IDG Vietnam, IDGF, MRD, and CxO Club as well. IDG is the world’s leading technology media, events and Research Company, reaching over 280 millions technology audiences in 97 countries and has revenues of over $3.5 billion.

Joining IDG Vietnam since 1999 as Chief Representative, Tam has made the organization a high growth of sale within IDG cooporation and speeded up the process of transition from print-based to web-based solutions and events.

Mr. Le also plays an important role in establishing IDG Ventures Vietnam, the first US technology venture capital fund in Vietnam fund for IT sectors. He became the CEO of IDG Indochina in 2003, with successful contributions in creating new products, promoting brands and getting revenue from Laos and Cambodia. He developed a regional expansion model and pushed practice effectively leading to increased ROI on campaigns which are launching new projects/ events in these countries.

Mr. Le became Chairman of the CxO Club in 2007. In 2009, he has been nominated as the CEO of IDG ASEAN (includes 10 countries of South East Asia) and then he focused on the development of new digital products and international network expansion for creating strong and sustainable P&L.

Before joining IDG in 1999, Mr. Tam Le was a member of Management Board of British Petroleum/Castrol, Exxon/Esso Oil and Petrochemicals industry.

Mr. Tam Le has been honourly received the Outstanding Manager Awards given by IDG’s Chairman in 2004 at the Global Media Institute, Massachusetts. He graduated from the Business Administration course at Harvard Business School. He holds a degree of petroleum engineering in Greisswald, Germany. His wife is working in airline industry and they have 3 sons.


Report research about “Customer satisfaction on Telco 4G & ISP in Cambodia”.IDG ASEAN conducted a survey in Cambodia to assess customer satisfaction about ISP, 4G services and find out the typical 4G Service Provider & the best ISP to award in the 4G Telecoms Conference in 2017. This recognition of the community for the network has made excellent efforts in providing quality services to customer. The results of the survey not only enhance the brand reputation of the business, impact on the behavior of consumers, but also create a positive environment of competition between operators, equipment suppliers, Vendors and ICT application to truly connect the gap between operator and user, the study has the following criteria:

– Subjects of the survey divided by: living area, occupation, income, age.

– Total direct response: 12,150 Successful Survey Forms.

– Period of implementation:from 1/1/2018 to 26/5/2019.

– Consists 8 questions, including 2 groups of 25 questions and answers.