Phnom Penh, October 11, 2016

CAMBODIA 4G LTE AND SECURITY WORLD FORUM 2016 takes place on October 11, 2016 at Intercontinental Phnom Penh Hotel. The event is co-organized by Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications of Cambodia and IDG with the support of Ministry of International Affairs and Communications and Department of Communications and the Arts of Australian Government.

Instantly became a successful and reputational event from the first launch in 2015, 4G LTE INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE serves as a platform for technology professionals, consulting experts, and business leaders to gather and discuss the latest news on the subject of 4G LTE technology. The Conference is an excellent opportunity for organizations to learn and share the best knowledge and practice to successfully implement 4G. It is unquestionably a must-attend event of the year.

CAMBODIA 4G LTE AND SECURITY WORLD FORUM 2016 features the theme: “Technology Revolution: Towards a Connected Cambodia”. Since the first introduction of 4G LTE in 2015, Cambodia has accomplished significant results, however, there continues to be concerns and difficulties that are not yet addressed. The Conference focuses on reviewing, solving existing obstacles, as well as, solutions for optimizing infrastructure and improving customer experience aiming towards making 4G LTE services commercial widely in Cambodia.

The first keynote is The inadequacy and difficulties in optimizing 4G technology investment in Cambodia, which is delivered by Mr. Ian Watson – Chief Executive Officer of CamGSM (Cellcard).

The second keynote is Optimizing 4G LTE Resource and Infrastructure is delivered by Mr. Mok Khemara – Director of e-Government Department of Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications

Filled with cutting-edge content, future-focused product demo’s and unrivalled opportunities to meet with the LTE and 4G ecosystem, CAMBODIA 4G LTE AND SECURITY WORLD FORUM 2016 is the event in Cambodia to set you on the path for the connected future. Co-located with Security World forum, the conference provides the platform to discuss the future of information security in digital era. Formally known as CAMBODIA 4G LTE AND SECURITY WORLD FORUM 2016 offers attendees the opportunity to discover how the most innovative operators are getting 4G ready, along with how they are starting to optimize their LTE Networks through Carrier Aggregation, LTE-A, Video and RCS.

Technology evolves around us. Applications are built for our convenience. Policy is to ensure a fair fight for all. Is our playing field leveled and fair? Will convenience affects our security? Will security affect our privacy? Can our current technology built convenient applications for anyone, anywhere on any device? The topic Know if there is an advanced attacker in your environment, before it’s too late, which will be presented by Mr. Atul Kanwal, Principal Consultant of FireEye.

Moving towards a connected generation where connectivity is a key challenge, the show will hear from IoT experts for the first time to share use case for 4G networks, while the demo zone in the exhibition will show hands-on examples of what the future holds from Principal Sponsor Cellcard, Conference sponsor FireEye, Lanyard sponsor MK Smart, Contributing sponsor Campura, AWS, Entrust Datacard, Epso, D-Link, Palo Alto, KH Niron, Blen Cipher and Mekong Net. Especially, the attendee have chance to receive lucky gift from Edotco during the conference time.

After keynotes and peaking session, there are the executive talk session to discuss about THE INFRASTRUCTURE REVOLUTION OF MOBILE NETWORK and DATA SECURITY TOWARDS SAFER DIGITAL ERA to close the conference.