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Cambodia Banking Conference 2017 is the annual ICT event, which co-organized by the the International Data Group (ASEAN), which aims to exhibit and introduce the new achievements of modern technology and IT applications to create new products and services in banking sector. Also, Cambodia Banking Conference 2017 is a forum for bank leaders, financial experts to share experience, discuss strategies and suggest solutions in order to develop banking services based on advance IT applications.

Cambodia Banking Conference 2017 will be held on 30 Jun 2017 at Sokha Phnom Penh Hotel with the theme “DIGITAL TECHNOLOGY – THE GREAT ENGINE OF ACCELERATING FINANCIAL INCLUSION IN CAMBODIA”.

As the same as previous years, Cambodia Banking Conference 2017 focuses on 2 main activities including conference and exposition with the aim to introduce new achievements in digital technology and its applications for business administration activities in banking sector, increase access to banking services for all, enhance the availability and convenience of banking services provided in Cambodia.

The Conference creates a forum to discuss how digital technology accelerates financial inclusion in Cambodia. With 01 Keynote and 01 Banking Executive Talk, IT leaders and banking experts will focus on opportunities, challenges and orientation of applying digital technology to accelerate inclusion in Cambodia.

KEYNOTE 1: Trends and Stages of Development for banking industry in Cambodia is presented by the representative from National Bank of Cambodia (Confirming) 

KEYNOTE 2: Digital Financial Services with FTB Mobile Banking Smart App is presented by Mr. Chhorn Vibol, Senior E-Banking Officer, Foreign Trade Bank of Cambodia. The main theme of the speech is to introduce the use of mobile phone to conduct payment and banking transaction (m-banking) in developing countries. Also to concern why it is worth to be invested in, and how it helps the community by its convenience.

KEYNOTE 3: FinCluez: Addressing banking insights and compliance needs, presenting by Mr. Kiran Kumar – Executive director and Province Solution. This presentation brings out the challenges faced by the banking and finance sector of Cambodia when it comes to the IT wing, Profinch solutions Pvt limited, an IT products and services company, currently with the BFSI segment being the largest focus area, started by an energetic team with a deep experience of software product development & services delivery answers the challenges faced by the banking and Finance Sector of Cambodia. With its Striking features which provide the banks to view customer data in a 360 degree model, extract department wise reports, generate unlimited dashboards, thousands of KPI’S and anywhere anytime analytics capability FinCluez empowers the banks to turn insights into opportunities.

Balancing Financial Inclusion and Financial Stability presenting by Ms. Yong Sarah Zhou, Resident Representative for Cambodia, IMF.

Simulated Threat Assessment – How It Benefit Banks, which is presented by Mr. Lim Chin Wan, Deputy General Manager of Vattanac Bank. He will deliver messages to all bankers and users about the necessity of banking security, and the hard work of Banks on keeping it safe. He also explain many of the key issues in banking security, in order to stimulate ‘out-of-the-box’ thinking to help organizations generate new visions, strategies, products and services.

The important role of digitizing in the financial development, which is delivered by H. E. Phu Leewood, GCIO, Advisor to Royal Government in Cambodia.

The panel discussion under the theme “Digital Banking Transformation in the 4th Industrial Revolution” is moderated by H. E. Phu Leewood, GCIO, Advisor to Royal Government in Cambodia.The Panel Discussion will provide sharings, predictions and evaluations from leaders and banking experts such as: Mr. Chhorn Vibol, Senior E-banking Officer, Foreign Trade Bank of Cambodia, Mr. Lim Chin Wan, Deputy General manager, Vattanac Bank, Mr. Kiran Kumar, Executive Director, Profinch Solution, Ms. Ratchada Anantavrasilpa , Senior Financial Sector Specialist, World Bank, Ms. Yong Sarah Zhou, Resident Representative for Cambodia, IMF

Together with the Conference, the Exposition area will excite you with the showcase of newest technology applications and products within the retail banking industry with the participation of exhibiting booths from .

Banking Technology Expo 2017 presents highlight activities of outstanding banks in term of developing digital bank and financial inclusion; research and training activities of banks in the field of digital banking and financial inclusions as well as creates chances for bank managers understand and experience products and services on digital based. Banking Cambodia Expo 2017 will open for more than 10 booths from commercial banks, telecom operator, IT vendors to exhibit and introduce state-of-the-art products and up-to-date IT solutions in banking sector


Within the framework of Cambodia Banking Conference and Awards 2017 is Cambodia Outstanding Banking Services Awards. Cambodia Outstanding Banking Services Awards aims to seek and honor importance role of banks, which contributing development banking in particular and of the financial economy in general. Members of Board of Judges consist of representatives from Government agencies, Ministries, Associations and Experts in the fields of Banking Finance and Banking Technology. This year, outstanding banks in Cambodia has honored under categories including:

1. The Outstanding Mobile Banking Award 2017 to Foreign Trade Bank of Cambodia 

Operating more than 35 years in Cambodia, Foreign Trade Bank of Cambodia (FTB) has provided customers with secure and reliable banking services. FTBs’ latest products – the Internet and Mobile Banking with over 20 thousand of accounts had registered, which makes them win the Mobile Banking Award 2017. FTB’s Mobile Banking app are available in the two world most used mobile operating systems: IOS and Android, allowing users to use their apps on smartphones and tablets. With dual languages and easy-to-use interface, the app saves time for users while processing Mobile Banking Services. FTB’s Mobile Banking Smart app promises to bring new experiences to their customers. With their new advanced technologies, FTB has made their banking process simpler and more convenient for their customers.

2. Military Bank- The Outstanding Performing foreign Banking award 2017 

MB Bank has strongly committed to build the strategy of Retails banking for the period 2016 – 2020 with the mission to be Cambodia‘s Top 1 in the field of Banking-Telecommunications and Top 10 ranking about ROE. It has created more products to individual customers, such as Mobile, SMS, Internet Banking, Master Card, Real time deposit, POS, ATM… Especially, MB Bank has deployed successfully ebanking services _ E-Money cooperating with Metfone as the largest coverage network operator. Their customer can be easy to transfer money, topup, payment, saving, transfer money to Viet Nam…with over 5,000 eMoney agents in the Cambodia country. . The subsidiary bank of MBBank in Cambodia is upgrading the existing branch which will help increase the size of capital as well as provide a full range of banking services, in order to satisfy requirements of existing customers and contribute to expanding market share in the future, improve operational efficiency of the entire system of MB Bank

3. The Outstanding Bank for Community Award 2017 to Maybank 

The community Award is also given to Maybank by their projects and donation, which supporting the Cambodian charity. Maybank has been funding for many scholarships, study encouragements, and low-income families. Their project such as Women Eco Weaver Program, Global CR Day, Wow Carnival or Water for Life has helped many children to be able to go to school, promoting the Cambodian textile industry or helping people in drought area to have drinkable water. Therefore, their projects helped the Cambodian community, in order make a better world and to support the people in Cambodia. Through efforts in community projects and donations, Maybank has become the best candidate of Outstanding Bank for Community Award 2017.

4. The Outstanding Retail Bank Award 2017 to Maybank 

Maybank in Cambodia was established in December 1993 and it has become the preferred financier of many Malaysians and Singaporean-owned corporations investing in Cambodia’s infrastructure development and service sectors. With the revenue of 8447 million dollars attributed by retail banking, Maybank honored the Outstanding Retail Bank Award 2017. With a notable of 100 thousand accounts have registered and many support services types, by the end of 2016, Maybank net profit has a respectfully amount of foreign currency with more than 14 million US dollar. Maybank branches are now up to 21, located around major cities in Cambodia, especially Phnom Penh.

5. The SME Service Bank Award 2017 to Saigon – Hanoi Commercial Bank (SHB) 

Saigon – Hanoi Bank (SHB) is the foreign Join-stock Commercial Bank, which established in 2011 based from Vietnam. With 5 branches, located in Phnom Penh and Kampong Thom and it’s attracted thousands of corporate and customer. In the first quarter of 2017, about 6000 accounts signed up and corporate customers are up to 580 registrations in Cambodia. According to SHB records, with more than 40 million dollars in their total loan book for SME from 2014 to 2016, 10% of deposit in 20 biggest customers/total gross loan and nearly 25% of their loans since 2015 has marked their growth in services for SME. They also have many types of financial support services for SME such as tailor-made solutions, good interest rates or turnaround time for credit approval in trade finance. Through effort in supporting SME, SHB deserves to win the SME Service Bank Award of 2017.

6. The Outstanding Innovative Product and Service Award 2017 to

Saigon- Hanoi Commercial Bank (SHB) 

Another honor of SHB has been made this year by winning the Outstanding Innovative Product and Service Award 2017. With their significant banking product – Ladder-step saving, which allows saving amount in USD. Customers will have more benefit in interest rate, also more convenient when to deposit and withdraw with simple ways. In order to raise Bank’s fund mobilization, SHB has more attractive USD interest rates compared with competitors. As of Dec. 2016, SHB Cambodia’s customer deposit reached over 16 million USD. SHB also attract thousands of foreign customers.