Lim Chin Wan_Vattanac

Chin Wan Lim

Deputy General Manager @ Vattanac Bank


Simulated Threat Assessment – How It Benefit Banks


Chin Wan challenges, informs and entertains his audiences on many of the key issues in banking security, in order to stimulate ‘out-of-the-box’ thinking to help organizations generate new visions, strategies, products and services. A futurologist with a foresight in banking security, Chin Wan’s 20 year diverse business career has made him recognisable as one of the region’s leading security expert. Chin Wan’s technology and business experience spans over 15 years in the domains of strategy, operations, technology esp. security, web and mobile platforms for banks. He has successfully architected three banking products before joining Vattanac Bank. He founded iMocha consulting in 2003 and started providing cash management software to CIMB Bank, Hong Leong Bank and AmBank. In 2003-2005, Chin Wan envisioned, designed, developed and delivered CIMB BizChannel, a PKI based digital signature product suite for cash management via the Internet; the first in Malaysia. He is a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from Campbell University and has been on various speaker panel in the banking conference around the region.


Has it ever occur to you that your bank has now already spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to keep its information safe and now, what lies in between all that technology and the information it is trying to protect is you. Yes, you; the human resource personnel, the receptionist, the IT tech guy, the finance manager, the hard working executive. Suddenly, you are now the link that connects information security to the technology that keeps it secure. How are you expected to take on this burden when you have no idea what to secure, and how to secure it?