Kiran Kumar

executive director @ Profinch Solution


FinCluez: Addressing banking insights and compliance needs


Kiran brings to Profinch rich experience of over 18 years in the banking and financial services industry. He has been associated with corporations like Oracle Financial Services Software and iexceed solutions for bfsi consulting and enterprise mobility. Kiran has led and managed teams in various verticals in the software industry- including client management, delivery, implementation and support- spanning across all continents


This presentation brings out the challenges faced by the banking and finance sector of Cambodia when it comes to the IT wing, Profinch solutions Pvt limited, an IT products and services company, currently with the BFSI segment being the largest focus area, started by an energetic team with a deep experience of software product development & services delivery answers the challenges faced by the banking and Finance Sector of Cambodia. With its Striking features which provide the banks to view customer data in a 360 degree model, extract department wise reports, generate unlimited dashboards, thousands of KPI’S and anywhere anytime analytics capability FinCluez empowers the banks to turn insights into opportunities.