Yong Sarah Zhou

Resident Representative in Cambodia @ IMF


Cambodia: Advancing Financial Inclusion


Ms. Zhou began her assignment as IMF’s Resident Representative for Cambodia in July 2015. She was previously a senior economist in the Asia and Pacific Department of the IMF where she has worked on various emerging market and low income countries. She was also with the IMF’s Institute of Capacity Development Department for three years, developing and conducting various training courses and seminars. She has published papers on investment, potential growth, capital flows, and financial integration. Ms. Zhou has a Ph.D. in Economics from the University of California at

Los Angeles (UCLA).


Financial deepening has improved inclusion, including through access to microfinance credit and emerging use of mobile services. However, there are still large gaps in access and use of formal financial services by households and firms. Further financial inclusion can be achieved by promoting the use of financial technology, reducing costs, as well as improving financial literacy and consumer protection. Finally, increased access to finance should be accompanied by measures to improve regulation of new actors and products.